Company Profile

  • Ener Worldwide Sdn Bhd (1059286-T)

    With the global concerns on Climate Change and Global Warming – which has reached a catastrophic level – international initiatives such as the Kyoto protocol, Carbon Credits and Copenhagen Summit, have steered the manufacturing industry toward new paths of awareness. plastics and other non-biodegradable materials will soon be reduced in consumption which will in turn propel biodegradable products to the forefront of a new era in world environmental conscientiousness.

    Embodying a waste to economy business model, Ener Worldwide (EWW) is a company that’s quickly gaining momentum in an international market that’s expected to reach US$3 Billion in the coming years. With key interests in biotechnology research development and manufacture of Bio-Technology based packaging products made from Renewable Resources, EWW has made substantial strides in ascending to the pinnacle of a global initiative that’s quickly gaining attention.

    Through years of extensive Research & Development, EWW has been successful in the creation of several Bio-Technology discoveries employing enzymatic processes on cellulose and hemi-celulose agro fibers. With the use of Sugarcane and palm Oil waste materials, paddy husks, Tapioca stems and other normally discarded agricultural products, EWW has achieved considerable accomplishment with the creation of various packaging products which are 100% Bio-degradable and Compostable that have earned International approvals and certifications. Many of which are currently being sought by renowned and international brand names like Dell, KFC, Mc Donald’s, panasonic and more.

    With a staff force serving around the region, EWW is a rapidly growing company that embraces the essence of Carbon Off-set & Climate-Change initiatives.

    Based on statistics that indicate 99.99 products are delivered or supplied packed, EWW aspires to expand in the creation of several more international patents while simultaneously continuing its quest towards creating new avenues for the use its – 100 % Bio-degradable and Compostable – items in a quickly evolving market landscape.

    Besides the ownership of 2 international patents in its field of expertise, the company is gearing itself for expansion with the installation of satellite factories throughout the region. This is in-tandem with the rise in world green packaging demand which is expected to excel annually by 5.7% through to 2015.